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Default Re: Revis traded to Bucs for picks (including this years #1)

Actually after further review he holds no leverage in holding out. He held out before but wasnt getting $16mil per. I'm thinking Revis did this deal with no guarantee because its the most money he will get from anyone. He returns to form next season then TB will keep him another 2 seasons after that. Sure they can release him but TB would explore the option to have him take less money than outright releasing him. So I dont forsee Revis holding out demanding even more money when he actually for the most money he seeked to begin with from TB. He's confident he will still be an elite corner which he should be. TB is desperate for secondary help so this marriage could last a good 3 seasons at the very least.

I thought he would make a stink but looking into this situation and the deal? Nah
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