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Default Re: A good documentary for those who fear North Korea

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
Oh btw, the reason why their economy is sh*tty is because of sanctions; it has absolutely nothing to do with their "leader being a d*ck and starving their people."
same thing though. they're isolated from the international system because for 50-odd years they've been lead by a stubborn family of reckless autocrats who clearly care more about their own internal power games than they do about the wellbeing of their people. course you can at least commend em a little bit for resisting american/euro hegemony and all that. not an easy accomplishment and there aren't really many options for going about it; they happened to pick the worst one and they've got nothing in the way of natural resources to fall back on, so it's really going poorly for them

long story short, their leader is being a d*ck and starving their people

as for their military might, i just listened to a Common Sense w/ Dan Carlin ep on NK today, all about their military might and blustering. he breaks it down pretty well overall i think, but his major point is their war capacity like jizzo said is ridiculously limited. they look good on paper with a large air force, thousands of tanks, conscription, etc. but on the other hand, they tech is ancient, they're soldiers can hardly be expected to remain loyal, they have no fuel, etc etc etc

its all posturing. and the most annoying part of it is it fits both sides agendas so damn well... NK gets to pretend they can compete with "THE ENEMY" on the international stage, America gets to pretend they actually have an enemy worth competing with, and the stronger NK looks, the stronger US gets to look. meanwhile even respectable networks like CBC up here was updating the country every hour on "important developments" without even a hint of incredulity. ugh
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