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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins' school commitment

anyone see this article? if we can even call it that...

Does anybody in their right mind think Andrew Wiggins would do the same? Apologies ahead of time, but the way he has Prima Donna’d around these last couple weeks has gotten to be excessively excessive. He’s listened to countless courters traveling to see him. The way he’s given just enough interest to coaches to keep them coming back for more is nothing more than a game. He’s by far the only big-time recruit left still undecided. When you’re a number two and you still haven’t announced, while the number one publicly announced weeks ago, you’re an attention seeker.

He’s an attention seeker. He’s a drama-king. Andrew Wiggins is a one-and-done type of athlete. Hey, actions speak louder than words and all signs point to a look-at-me type of personality.

I dont even know where to start.
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