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Default Re: A good documentary for those who fear North Korea

Originally Posted by bmulls
I don't think anybody is afraid of losing a war against NK, I think they are scared that NK could do a lot of damage and kill a whole bunch of South Koreans in Seoul before we would be able to stop them. It would be an absolutely suicidal move on the part of NK, but nobody trusts Kim Jong Un to make rational decisions.

Any rational person knows NK is a joke. US loves to play up the threat of NK to further support their military complex and to have a reason to fly jets and shit in that area.

It's funny because every nation in the region flex their military muscles with testing missions and stuff but once NK does it everyone screams that they are going to invade. They aren't going to invade shit and their leader, despite how childish he may be, knows he'll end up like Gaddafi if he ever attempts to make a move...
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