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Default Re: I hate George Karl

I feel Nate McMillan was the most overrated. He was consistently in the COY talks, but he was a terrible Xs and Os coach that could not make necessary adjustments. His hype was because he could motivate a team to play hard, which will always win a decent enough games in the regular season, but in the playoffs every team is motivated so you need more than motivation to win.

His idea of coaching defense:
Coach: "We need to play defense"
Players: "How would you like us to play defense."
Coach: "Hard."
Players: "Any defensive scheme?"
Coach: "Zone I guess?"

His idea of coaching offense:
Coach: "Ok Roy, you will go in iso."
Other players: "What should we do?"
Coach: "Whatever you do, don't move when Roy has the ball"
....... Roy gets injured.....
Coach: "Ok Aldridge, you will go in iso....."

His idea of coaching in the playoffs:
Game 1: "Cool we squeaked out a win against the Suns. Let's stick with what worked and not have a backup plan for next game in the case that they make adjustments."
Game 2 (halftime): "Ok, so we just got blown out of the building before half time. Let's not try anything new in the second half to see what works."
Prepping for game 3: "Ok, so they blew us out that game.... every quarter. It must have been a fluke, let's not change anything."
Prepping for game 4: "Ok, so we didn't change anything and the results were the same. Let's try this one more time."
Game 4 (before 2nd quarter): "Ok, maybe now we should change something."
Prepping for game 5: "Well what do you know, those changes worked. Let's not do anything different this game from what we did the second portion of last game. No way Suns make more adjustments, only a crazy coach would make adjustments without waiting 2+ games."
Prepping for game 6: "Well that was ugly. Must have been another fluke. Let's not change anything again."
After game 6: "Well F***, I don't know what happened."

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