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Default Re: I hate George Karl

Originally Posted by airchibundo507
the most overrated coach i've ever seen...

coincidentally he was the head coach of the olympic team that finished sixth place in the 2002 fiba here in the US.
He had no say on the roster which at that time was picked more on marketing young guys than winning. Many of the best players dropped out because of 911 if I remember correctly.

We were asking to get beat in 2002 and 2004 and we did. This summer will be the first time they get guys together the summer before the World's which cost us in 2006 as well.

he's always been a shitty playoffs coach. now he sucks in the reg season as well

As his two finals with two different teams indicates.

No kidding, how giddy was he that Melo was gone and he has a starless team? Never mind that they weren't going to do anything, he loved it. And he seemingly plays all those guys in order to not let anyone be a star either if you watch them. No one really has become anything of a go to player when they really need one

Can't blame him for wanting a team and not a bunch of isos with an overrated player. He's got depth and he uses it. That's their strength. Led the starless team to an amazing 57 wins! Got to be one of the greatest coaching jobs ever. He has his faults like every coach but the end results are hard to deny! He's won everywhere stars or no stars.

half of his old Melo team is in New York and doing great for another coach, does kinda make him look bad

They've got one of the highest paid rosters in the league. They are supposed to win! If anyone has looked bad it's Carmelo. Denver has the better team.
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