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Default Re: how often do u play?

Originally Posted by DuMa
2-3 times a week
i get really sore as well. it seems like it gets worse every year if i go all out for 2-3hrs. It kinda goes away if you're in better shape. I also make sure i do my yoga/stretching exercises for a full hour before i play. It helps alot with the after soreness. Water too. and sometimes i get major headaches the night after a few hours i played. nothing a little Advil cant help.

but its worth it. Aint no fun like playing bball.

Okay, I am the OP and everyone in this thread is right! I played 5 days in a row and feel great. I've been doing my core stretches for about 30 minutes a day, taking showers with ice cold water, and drinking juice and I feel fine. After about 2 weeks of feeling not great the body starts to round itself back into shape!

I guess I have learned though that when I can feel my core start to weaken when I am playing that it is enough for the day. I usually play halfcourt 4 on 4, with games upto 30 (1's and 2's), about 3 or 4 games of that.

Such an awesome week. Played everyday, and watched every NBA playoff game. Doesn't get any better than this!
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