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Default Re: 2013 NFL Draft Discussion

Originally Posted by GOBB
EJ wasn't going first round. They could have traded up in 2nd if they were worried. Wouldn't have cost that much. Only QB taken while a shytload are still waiting to be drafted. EJ isn't even a day 1 starter. Stupid.

Pretty much this. I don't think most teams have him ahead of Smith, Barkley and Nassib and yet they reached at 16 for him. Who else in the first round would have selected him in the first? Minny?

Plus, I rate him below Smith, Barkley, Nassib, Wilson, Glennon... And the other guy was right when he said the Chiefs could get him at SF's pick.

It's hilarious to think they've reached for this kid when they could have got Geno later. His stock reminds me alot like Blaine Glabbert and Jason Campbell.
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