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Default Re: 2013 NFL Draft Discussion

Originally Posted by stallionaire
Vikings have had the best 1st round 2 years in a row.

We're potentially about to have 5 starters from two first rounds over the span of 2 seasons.

So satisfied with this draft.

People can criticize that we gave up a 3rd, 4th, and 7th but y'all need to remember that we were stockpiled with 11 draftpicks this season. Most teams are only getting 4 players in the first 4 rounds. Guess how much Minnesota is getting in 4 rounds? 4 players! 3 of them just happenned to be in the best round. Sorry we fed the Patriots the deal but both teams benefited greatly. Minnesota is hungry NOW.

We got the steal of the draft in Floyd, I thought he woulda been gone by pick 3. Xavier Rhodes will dominate across from Cook and we can shore up Antoine Winfields absense in the slot corner with Robinson who we drafted in the 2nd last season, he's a beast as well. Our secondary is legit now but we still need an MLB.

Cordarelle Patterson in my opinion was the best WR in the draft. His ability to slow down and speed up to make the perfect cut is Moss-esque, and how fitting is it that he might wear 84 here!! He will work beautifully in Minnesota's screen game. People can point out that he's still raw but he has a place in our system which is very important.

AKA the only throw Christian Ponder can make.

But seriously, Ponder isn't the worst QB ever but the Vikes aren't going to make any legitimate noise until they get a better QB or Ponder improves A LOT.
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