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Default Re: 2013 NFL Draft Discussion

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I'm very happy with the Mingo pick. The Browns have completely revamped their ability to rush the pass this offseason. First, signing Paul Kruger, then Quentin Groves and now solidify that edge with Mingo.

Throw in Sheard (assuming we keep him in the new 3-4 scheme) and that is a pretty nice rotation of guys who can get to the quarterback in a division where it is mandatory.

By the time the draft started, I wanted either Ansah or Mingo. I never really got into the Dion Jordan hype. Yes, he's extremely athletic, but he has yet to show dominance on the actual field and that always scares me.

Now, there is no doubt a hole needs to be filled in the defensive backfield across from Joe Haden. Without Sheldon Brown, taking Milliner with that pick would have made sense from a need standpoint, but his injury issues scared me a bit and I feel like a good pass rush can make up for some deficiencies in the secondary.

Still, I expect to either trade back into the second round to address that corner spot or that to be the pick in the third round.

I'll also say that giving up a second-rounder for Josh Gordon is looking like a damn good move.

No complaints from me tonight, unlike last year when I cried myself to sleep over first giving up a fourth-rounder to move from No. 4 to No. 3 when Richardson would have been there anyway and then taking a 29-year-old quarterback later in the first round.

Much better night tonight and I will rest easy.

Mingo had 4.5 sacks last year....not like he was blowing it up.....and for a guy being drafted as a pass rush specialist (he's terrible right now at defending the run, get's washed out or planted on the ground waaaaaaaaay to much) I would be scared of that. I can almost guarantee Mingo will be a sub package player, playing roughly 60 percent of the snaps....maybe less.

Putting all those factors together, I wouldn't be sleeping well taking him 6th overall.
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