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Default Re: Revis traded to Bucs for picks (including this years #1)

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
okay well when it happens I'll just say "told you so"

I'm very used to doing that here...

you think Revis will just stay happy with that contract the entire 6 years?...guess you didn't learn the first two times he did it

Could he complain about his deal not being guaranteed? Sure. Will he hold out? No. He doesnt get paid and he will be 30 according to your scenerio where he plays great for 2 seasons. TB holds all the cards here not Revis. Revis is making more money per than he was when he held out twice. Difference.

You told us Landry Jones was great and he isnt even mentioned this draft. You went down to calling him a "sleeper" pick. Hey should I go search your posts about Landry Jones or will he "tell us so"
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