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Default Re: Wash. judge tells police to return marijuana

Born and raised in the 2-oh... Don't get me started...

TOS crew Reppin. Waiting for official word on licensing and marketing laws. F.u.c.k a dispensary. 20( years TOS Reppin... And these assholes are opening up a dispensary on every f.u.c.kin.g block. Newbie squares. They don't know bout the post 9-11 drought.... Comin in our s.h.I.t lowering prices to ****ing 20-22???!!?!?!?!?!?!?? ImmA blow em up. Can't beat em join em....Smh. can't wait till all the shit gets in stores, Nd all the taxes applied, (real reason government was for it, huge tax revenue) and an eigth will be 50-60$. And then market go back up.. f.u.c. k em.

But yea. Everything is true. There's more weed in Seattle than anywhere in the country, and usually pigs don't give a f.u.c.k. therez more pills, horse, and shards then weed almost. Bunch of junkies errywhrre. Anyone got a good coke plug, you could kill it up here right now. Semi-drought like conditions.

Back to you ms matsukowa....

Tons of skums krew 4 life....
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