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Default Re: Carlesimo needs to go after its all over

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
This team is just composed awfully. Deron is great but has shown us in three years with this team that he's not a leader and will never be.

joe is a great individual talent, but just like carmelo and amare, joe does not do well in team basketball and is too heavy on isolation

how many times has this happened? brook with the ball late in the game and he turns it over? 5 times this season minimum. did it again tonight.

gerald and reggie.. enough said

bench is too inconsistent. different players always playing.

and as for this game, i will never, ever forget the cj watson missed dunk. i will be saying "if only" for the rest of my life. how unlucky are the nets for him to miss a wide open fast-break dunk shot. why not just lay it in?

overall this was a huge, huge failure for the nets this season. a first round exit to a much inferior team ( talent wise) after all of this money spent. the worst part? we have this team for the next few years so that means we should get used to being a first round exit team for the next few years.

The bright side is, well, its still way better than those 20-30 wins years.

Anyway if you talk about CJ Watson, Id say its again PJ Carlesimo's fault. CJ Watson has proved during last season's playoffs with the Bulls again and again that hes not a playoffs player. Having him on the court for 4th quarter and crunch time is suicidal. The question is, why was he on the court when he shouldnt be? Who's responsible hehind the decisions?
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