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Default Re: Improving my 2-foot vertical.

well the best way to know for sure is if you keep the ball in your palm or cuff, can you still get over the rim? If so then yea, just keep trying youre probably not used to it.

if not, sure, getting stronger is a way you can get a few inches but you have to be careful. Vertical jumping is about a good balance of relative strength and explosive strength. If you can dunk one foot I'd say you already half way there/probably athletic enough to accomplish this, you just need to know where to get stronger.

the first thing to address for two foot jumping is core strength. Hanging leg raises, planks, side planks, walkouts. You then want to make sure you are getting full hip extension, that's where most of the power comes from by activating your glutes, hams, lower back, calves. So assess you flexibility. If you dont have good hip flexibility then stretch out those hip flexors daily. That way you get deeper into your gather and can generate more power.

Now after you've done that, if you feel yourself too week, THEN you'll have to strengthen those muscles. But for you I'd say it's just a core strength and flexibility issue because you said you took a break and it wasn't the same after that.

I did all this too rebuild my 2 foot vert from scratch cuz i also was a one-foot jumper.

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