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Default Re: Official NBA All-Time Peak Draft

Originally Posted by Shade8780
Not criticizing your pick but wasn't this years Harden a lot better than 2012 Harden?

As players, no doubt. 13 Harden got his shot as the #1 option, but I don't think he's all that different from 12 Harden. Still needs to improve his skill set.

Neither 12 or 13 Harden were better than 03 McGrady, so I don't need the first option 13 Harden. I wanted 12 Harden, the one backing up Westbrook (for this team Paul or even McGrady) and being a combo guard and could hit his 3's because he wasn't the main focus of the defenses.

I did factor the playoffs too and I know 12 Harden had a bad Finals (he was good in the previous 3 series), but again, I won't be using him too much when we do the sim runs. And in comparison, 13 Harden in the playoffs stinks offensively. 3 games in and he's shooting 36.9%fg overall, 19% from 3 (4-21! Why is he attempting 7 3's a game ?!), and his jump shots 9 feet out he's 4-29. (Game 1: 1-9; Game 2: 1-8; 2-12).

He's has not even made a mid-range jump shot (0-8) in this OKC series.

So suffice to say, I like a James Harden coming off the bench.

PS - I have no idea myself where some of the PHP code is red either.
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