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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

for all you sonnen-haters:

You know what? When I get in there, I just want to know who's better," Sonnen said. "I just want to feel these other guys. I want to see what the hype's about. If they would have called the match [in his favor because of Jones' broken toe], I wouldn't have had any illusions. I knew in those first five minutes who the better fighter was.

"I'm sure it would have gone to a rematch and we'd have had to do that again, because it would only have been right to Jon. But I got my questions answered tonight."

"I've had a lot of fights, and they haven't all gone my way," Sonnen said. "But I've only been beaten up twice and that was No. 2. And he beat me at my own game. It's frustrating and it's tough. That's it.

"I was [surprised by him]. I'll have to watch the replay to see what he did. He was on my leg before I knew it. I don't know how he set it up, if he threw a punch. I don't know what happened. He was just in on my leg. I've been in that spot all my life, and I haven't fallen down like that. I got up, and he did it again. I got up and he did it again. I don't think I've been taken down three times in my career, and he took me down three times in one round."
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