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Originally Posted by B-Low
Right. Here's UFC's top 10 ranking

1 Lyoto Machida
2 Alexander Gustafsson
3 Dan Henderson
4 Glover Teixeira
5 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
6 Rashad Evans
7 Mauricio Rua
8 Phil Davis
9 Gegard Mousasi
10 Ryan Bader

The only one that would even be interesting is Gustafsson and that's strictly because of the similary reach/frame. Skillwise Jones rips him apart. There's really nothing at all left at 205 for Jones and I really don't see anyone on the horizon that will be able to challenge him at all. This might be the first time ever that UFC has to take the belt off someone for being so good they killed the division

Used to be my favorite division but as you just said, Jones just killed the division completely. No one is even anywhere close to his..

As a swede I would love to see Gustafsson get a shot but Jones is just so much better that it's not even funny.

Jones fight against Sonnen was never even the a little interesting, it's was like a lamb going at it with a lion.
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