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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by millwad
Used to be my favorite division but as you just said, Jones just killed the division completely. No one is even anywhere close to his..

As a swede I would love to see Gustafsson get a shot but Jones is just so much better that it's not even funny.

Jones fight against Sonnen was never even the a little interesting, it's was like a lamb going at it with a lion.

And Jones is a unique situation because he's so damn young. St Pierre, there's people who have a chance against him (I'm damn near a GSP stan and even I think Hendricks might be the one to take it) and either way he says he's only gonna do 2-3 more fights then hang it up. Silva is untouchable at 185, but he's getting up there in age and says he'll be gone after a few more fights. But Jon is 25 YEARS OLD. The fact that he's already cleared his division out and still has a good 10 years left in his career is just unfair lol.
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