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Default Re: Improving my 2-foot vertical.

Originally Posted by Permodius
Thanks for the help. After doing a bit of research I think I found out what was wrong with my 2-footed technique. Apparently there are 2 main techniques for jumping off of 2 feet, the 1-2 step (you dribble, then do a 1-2 first into the foot opposite of your dribbling hand then onto the other foot, then jump immediately after), and the hop step (dribble, then use the foot opposite of your dribbling hand to hop into the air, preferably covering a lot of horizontal distance and little vertical distance in order to transfer your energy properly, land on on both feet at the same time and jump immediately after). I have bad footwork, so I think when dribbling the ball I use the 1-2 step, but when going for the rim without the ball I use the second technique, which might explain the discrepancy between me jumping with and without the ball. I haven't put this theory into work yet as it's been raining today and the gym closed early, but does this sound plausible to you? Also, which technique do you use for jumping off of 2 feet while dribbling the ball, and if you have tried both, do you notice any difference in how high you get?

it depends what feels more natural for you. It is more practical to take 2 steps rather than the hop steps imo, but some people jump higher with the hop step.

If it's footwork that is your problem then have a practice where you do different variations a set number of times. So you can drive and then take off (in order of what foot plants) right-left 10 times, then do left-right 10 times and then doing a hop step 10 times or whatever many times you want to do each. The point is to condition your muscles to do it properly its all about building the muscle memory.

The reason you have better footwork jumping one foot is because youre so used to it that it's instinctive. That's because you've developed the muscle memory for it over time.

In my personal opinion I don't think you should commit to one way, different situations call for different movements.
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