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Default Re: Rumor: Raptors making a run at Phil Jackson as GM

Originally Posted by keantona
This is a good idea, .....<snip> .... with a team headed and picked by one of the finest basketball minds of all is too good a move for the Raptors.

Good post.

Most of the "Baron's articles" and "value of franchise" news bits consistently rank the Toronto Raptors in the upper half of the NBA based on revenues. The appreciation of the Canadian dollar had a lot to do with it. I recall by memory one estimate that had the Raps in 8th overall revenue back in 2010 as I recall.

There is no reason why this team cannot be a destination team. Yes taxes are higher than Florida and Texas but they are not higher than New York State and Michigan.

If you have the right management and "superstars, stars" legitimately want to play here you can have a quality depth team with persistence.

The big question is will the ownership actually "pay to play" at the luxury tax level.

To the poster "it likey wont happen" - I think Phil may not be interested in joining a franchise that will not pay to play.

Lakers, Knicks, Heat, Mavericks, Celtics etc are always above the cap and often in the luxury. Those are destination franchises.

The only two franchises that won championshipslast 20 years - that seem to be able to do so under the cap are San An and Detroit.

The Pistons came down from that lofty perch. I am not sure that San An wont have to take steps backwards once their single super super star Dunac retires.
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