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Default Re: Jason Collins comes out, reveals he is gay

Originally Posted by Foster5k
Another hypocrite. Your logic is flawed.

Here is the argument.

A man, who likes women, cannot go into a women's bathroom/locker room. That same man doesn't "like" any of the women in that particular bathroom/locker.

Now, A homosexual man, who likes men, is allowed in a men's locker room/bathrom. That man may not like any of those men in that locker room/bathroom.

What is the difference? You guys want to be so "accepting" that's fine. However, you also have to be accepting to everything else. Men in women's locker rooms/bathrooms. Women in men's locker rooms/bathrooms.

You can't have it one way and not the other.

People shouldn't be divided by sexuality. Like some guy above my showed, it's not long since people of different colours couldn't pee next too each other.

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"You guys that want to defend homosexuality are hypocrites at best" - you wrote this.

The fact that we need to defend homosexuality is ridiculous. They're nothing different than anyone else. I seriously don't know what to say to you. You're never gonna accept any arguements of mine since I'm one of those who wan't to "defend homosexuality".

Just simply grow up. People shouldn't be divided if they're gay or not, if they're black or white or if they're a jew or muslim. That sadly is how things are, and ignorant guys like you are the root of the problem.
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