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Default Re: UFC 71 Rampage v Chuck Liddell 26th may (This saturday)

Originally Posted by D-Wade
Also what do you all think about Shogun signing with the UFC. I would of rather seen him stay in Pride for a bit longer.
Me too. However, Pride FC is officially dead.

The UFC is just picking off all of their best fighters. They're in serious talks with Hendo right now. Seriously looking at Fedor. Already snatched Cro Cop, Werdum, and pretty had Big Nog before the purchase (which is still in doubt).

Pride FC is dead. It sucks. I wish they just would have shut it down instead of telling us "Oh, it will be the same...blah blah blah".

As for Shogun, I pray to God that they throw him on the 72 card. I don't think the main card is all that horrible like most people, but I was expecting it to be a Spike show.
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