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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY CAREER MODE' Discussion

Originally Posted by The-Legend-24
I'm trying to break Kareem's record as quickly as possible, I had 7000+ points in my rookie season, so far I have 1000+ points 7 games into my second season.

Oh, and I play on Hall of fame.

I don't know. That would get boring to me. I like to keep it as realistic as possible.

My player currently in his 4th season is averaging 18.5/10.5/2.8. He's a center on the Utah Jazz.
The dude broke his arm when I simulated a few games and he ended up missing 25+ games. Now there are 3 games left in the season, my MVP nomination no longer exists ( ), and my team went from the 2nd seed down to the 6th seed due to the injury, but I brought them back up to the 4th seed.

The thing I hate about 2K13 is the fact that in MyCareer mode, players like Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and LeBron James (after the 2013-14 season) tend to become journeyman. Dwight is playing for the Milwaukee Bucks right now, CP3 is on the Pistons and LeBron went to the Clippers first but is now back in Miami.
It's silly. These aren't guys who would become journeymen in their respective primes.
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