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Default Re: 2013 Quarterback Rankings (top 10)

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Bradford is a better QB than Flacco...he will eventually prove to be elite even

The ONLY TIME Flacco has ever resembled anything close to elite or even just above average, was last years playoffs and SB. He gets cred for that and I would probably have him ranked around 12, but the rest of his career is pretty much "meh" and because of that he is not top-10.

Bradford is better QB because you're a homer. He has been a BUST thus far in his career. To think otherwise is asinine.

Joe Flacco has been an above average QB for the past few years. No need to exaggerate here. The biggest knock on him was his PO resume. He had habit of playing small when the moment called. This past season he put that to rest. Will he still be inconsistent? Yea probably but outside the Top 4 everyone is. But he showed he at least had the cajones to shine on the brightest stage now. 11 TDs and 0 interceptions do not lie.

I really fail to see where the lack of respect is coming from. The prior year he was a Lee Evans missed TD away from going to the Superbowl. Need I remind you how close they were?

That would be 2 Superbowl appearances in 2 years. But nope, hes not Top 10.

Give me Joe Flacco over career loser Tony Romo any day.
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