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Default Re: 2013 Quarterback Rankings (top 10)

Prime... come on man. Your hyperbole is ridiculous. The Ravens most certainly do not have the best O-line in the NFL. Bryant McKinnie was/is a chronic fatass. No one is putting him up there with the premier LT in the league. Oher has been a disappointment since he was drafted. Yanda is fantastic but the rest of the O-line is just solid if unspectacular. Hardly anywhere near best O-line talk.

Their WR corp was above average but definitely not stacked. Ray Rice is a beast I give you that.

And their defense. Top 5 in what? They were completely average last year. No Ladarius Webb, no Suggs (for a good chunk of the year) not Lewis at the end. Ngata was gimpy. They were nothing to write home about; they were average in just about every statistical measure out there. Sure they shut down NE in the PO but SF and Denver had no problem lighting them up for most of the game. Along with plenty of other teams throughout the regular season. This was not the Raven defense of old.

The stacked team argument holds no weight in this discussion.

On Sam Bradford, when I think of a #1 I think of someone who completely changes the culture of the team. See Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III this year. Up to this point, I haven't seen that in Sammy. Now was bust maybe too strong a word, your probably right. Disappointment would probably be better. But then again, personally I hold #1 picks to high standards. Now could he have a fantastic year and light up the league this year, yeah I don't see why not. However, why bank on him taking that next step when you have a QB who has already done it?
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