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Default Kings likely staying in Sacramento. No move to Seattle expected

There's that feeling again. It's an unofficial feeling, I suppose, because the NBA didn't formally break Seattle's basketball-loving heart Monday. It just had a committee recommend misery.

The league told us that, if this hurts, just wait at least seven business days for the pain to become permanently excruciating.

The NBA isn't returning to Seattle.

Not now, at least. The seven owners who form the NBA's Relocation Committee voted unanimously to recommend rejecting Chris Hansen's bid to move the Sacramento Kings to his hometown. It sends the strongest message to date that Sacramento will retain custody of its team.

Sonics fans are angry that they couldn't steal another city's squad. Meanwhile, in Oklahoma City, the hijackers of the real Sonics are cheering on the Thunder during the NBA playoffs with childlike enthusiasm.

-- Sacramento Bee
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