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Default Re: Official Stanley Cup playoff thread

Originally Posted by hateraid
Shall we start a pool?
2 points for the winner, 1 point for predicting the series. Bonus 5 points for calling the SCF right now.

Who's in?

Pitt vs NYI- Pitt 4-1
Mon vs Ott- Mon 4-3
Bos vs Tor- Bos 4-2
Wash vs NYR- NYR 4-1

Chi vs Min- Min 4-2 (Yup! Calling it right here)
Ana vs Det- Det 4-3
Van vs SJ- Van 4-1
StL vs LA- StL 4-3

SCF- Vancouver vs Boston
SCC- Vancouver Canucks

I'm in.

CHI 4-2 over MIN
STL 4-3 over LAK
ANA 4-1 over DET
VAN 4-2 over SJS

PIT 4-0 over NYI
BOS 4-2 over TOR
MON 4-2 over OTT
NYR 4-3 over WAS

CHI 4-1 over STL
VAN 4-3 over ANA

PIT 4-3 over BOS
MON 4-1 over NYR

CHI 4-3 over VAN
MON 4-2 over PIT

CHI 4-1 over MON
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