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Default Re: 2013 Quarterback Rankings (top 10)

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
the Raven's oline was top-5 in the NFL...FOR SURE, this isn't even arguable

You said arguably the best though, why backtrack? Oh yes, hyperbole! Point GK. I disagree with them being top 5 as well but whatever.

their D was ELITE going into the post season...their injured players got healthy, Ray, Suggs, etc and they went into the post season a very physical elite defense...very reminiscent of the Giants teams who had perhaps average regular season teams but got healthy at the end.

You said they were Top 5 though? Backtrack? Oh yes, point GK again! Anyway, they gave up 22 points/game in the PO. If that is elite defense there were quite a lot of elite defense in the NFL last year.

Sam was better than Luck last year, guess you didn't notice, or only noticed that Luck's "TEAM" managed to sneak into the playoffs

here is good article for you:

look at where Sam is, and then look at where Luck is

I was never comparing Luck and Bradford's success last year. Not sure what your arguing here. I would hope Sam in his 3rd year would be better than a rookie.

Sammy was also better than Luck his rookie year, when he won ROOKIE OF THE in, the best rookie that was drafted out of all of the rookie...THE COMPLETE AND TOTAL OPPOSITE OF A "BUST"

While Luck's year was overrated, he was pretty good. I'm not going to pretend like I watched much of either but they were comparable at least. You could make an argument for each. I mean Luck did somewhat closely almost throw for 1k more than Sammy. I think Luck was asked to do a lot more.


^^^ you might as well have typed "I don't shit about football"

Lol, I already stated bust was too harsh a term. I am capable of owning up to my errors. Can you do the same?

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