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Default Re: Will Lebron ever score 60 pts in a game?

LeBron's career high came on 36 shots against the Raptors...yeah, in his sophomore year. He's become significantly better since he was a sophomore.

As for the FGA argument, of course it's valid. The more games you have high volume of FGA the more likely you are to have a big game. Using career FGA is a poor way of actually assessing this.

Best way I see is the amount of games either of them took a huge number of shots, I arbitrarily chose 30 FGA (feel free to choose any other number).

LeBron's attempted 30 FGs a total of 27 times, 18 of which were in his first 4 years in the league before he entered his prime.

Koeb's had 100 games of 30 FGA, 47 of which were between his 2006-2009 seasons, a 3 year span right in the middle of his prime.

Looking at this it's obvious why one has many more big scoring games than the other. Since the 2008 season LeBron has had 9 games of 30 FGA, Kobe has had 6 in one month alone multiple times.

Their shot attempts are incomparable going by single game output.

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