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Default Re: 2013 Quarterback Rankings (top 10)

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
none of that was backtracking...I DO think the Ravens oline was arguably the best in the NFL, as well as SFs...two best olines were in the SB...perhaps the Texans have an argument but that is about it

and Ravens D was a top-5 D while everyone was healthy...just like the Giants D was one of the best when they got healthy on their SB runs, even though they were average during the regular season

Ngata, Suggs, Lewis, Reed...ALL HALL OF FAMERS lol

Kruger, Upshaw, Webb, etc...plenty of other studs

and you are trying to say the defense wasn't that great?

I really, honestly can't believe you think the Ravens O-line was arguably the best last year. I really don't even.... sigh. If you say so....

They were great because they got their big names back? Two games in the playoffs they gave up 30+ plus points. That is elite defense to you? Who cares who they got back if they didn't perform on the field.

The Giants D did not allow a team over 20+ during their run. The only thing comparable between the two D's is both getting healthy at the right time. There is a huge gap on what actually transpired on the field.
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