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Originally Posted by KnicksFan4Life
Yeah right, you are online post whoring every day. If you weren't fat why would you make your name "fatboy11". It doesn't make sense:confused: . That would be like me naming myself "KnicksFam4LIfe" and being a Bulls fan.

You say "Aren't you cute?". I bet noone has ever said that about you. They don't give jobs to homeless bums
Once your balls drop and you get into the real world, you'll realize that plenty of have good, high paying jobs that allow them to still waste time and post of message boards while at work. But then again, your balls still haven't dropped.

And the username is just a username. People on this board have seen my Myspace page. They know what I look like. But if you want to think I'm fat, go ahead.

Oh, I miss the days of being young and dumb.
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