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Default Re: Off season moves

Originally Posted by DKLaker
We wouldn't have any problem trading him at all......if we could trade Luke Walton we can trade, and Luke still had 2 years left of crap play. Seriously if we want to trade him there will be a lot of takers.

The problem I see is the same problem that I've said for the last few years of the trade Artest rumors. I don't see how we could trade a SF and get another one who is better back in return. Ebanks isn't the answer at SF. He's terrible.

There's also a small part of me that thinks the Lakers kind of want all these expiring contracts so they can go out and make some big time moves with the 2014 free agents. Lebron, Melo, Bosh, Granger, Deng, or even Larry Sanders. Heck, they could try to get Gasol to resign for far less money. I don't really see a way to completely turn things around next year unless they can somehow trade for one of these expirers and hope to resign them like they did with Dwight. I see Kobe sticking around for a few more years. You know he really wants #6.
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