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Originally Posted by JMT
A lot will depend on the new regime and what they opt to do with Bynum.

The situation sure went from "very promising" to a "huge clusterfock" pretty quickly, didn't it?

Yeah, its pretty depressing how quickly things collapsed. I think Iggy's leadership was definitely an underrated quality in his game.

Personally I like CJ McCollum a lot as a player but he doesn't really fit a need for us. He could be a nice 6th man tho. I love Schroeder's game too but Holiday has the PG job locked up for the future.

I'd prefer to ditch Bynum and draft a big but I pretty much hate all of them as pro prospects. I say we take on a project like Giannis Adetokoubo or Rudy Gobert and hopefully get a nice pick in 2014 to build around Jrue. I do like Dieng from Louisville a bit tho. It seems like our pick is in no-mans land for the players I like.

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