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Default Re: Off season moves

To my earlier point about running a 2 bigs offense and how easy it is, look at Memphis with Randolph and Gasol.
It still pisses me off that we were dumb enough to put Marc in the trade for Pau instead of the Sue Yue who the Grizz wanted.
I wanted Marc in the draft, this I posted on ISH before he was drafted, but then we blew it. He is the tougher Gasol, he got smashed in the mouth and laughed at it and kept banging last night, Pau would've cried and wimped out.

Right dd24 guys don't think about how to build a team, get rid of Metta and then what?

I do think Ebanks has the potential to be a very good player, the problem is that he has had 2 idiotic coaches in a row, coaches who don't know how to teach the game to a young player nor how to properly use their ability.
Just look at 'Antoni and how he misplayed Pau and Dwight, had Metta jacking 3's.....seriously you can't blame the players for the actions of a clueless coach. Just look at Jordan Hill with 'Antoni in NY, Shannon Brown with Mike Brown in Cleveland. Bad coaches make young players look worse.
Trust me, if you put Ebanks with the right coach and he will look very good.

Ebanks specialty is going to be 'Antoni going to teach him anything or play a defensive guy? NO!!! In fact IF 'Antoni knew that Ebanks could hold Durant to 4 points and score 6 himself, he wouldn't play him, he only cares about offense and jacking up 3's.
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