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Originally Posted by DKLaker
To my earlier point about running a 2 bigs offense and how easy it is, look at Memphis with Randolph and Gasol.
It still pisses me off that we were dumb enough to put Marc in the trade for Pau instead of the Sue Yue who the Grizz wanted.
I wanted Marc in the draft, this I posted on ISH before he was drafted, but then we blew it. He is the tougher Gasol, he got smashed in the mouth and laughed at it and kept banging last night, Pau would've cried and wimped out.

I've often thought this through the season too. Having two excellent bigs has worked well for Memphis. I'm sure Memphis would love a guard like Kobe to work with them too. It's all about strategy.

Ever since the Pau trade I've laughed at the Memphis fans who think they were ripped off. They got Marc Gasol who many think is the best C in the league right now. They also got the cap space to get Randolph. So really they got Marc Gasol & Zach Randolph for Pau Gasol. In the end, they got the better part of the trade. At the time it helped the Lakers more because it gave them the piece they needed to win championships. That trade was a win-win.
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