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Default Re: Bucks say goodbye to head coach Jim Boylan

They should have hired someone to build the team up. I don't get why some teams are fine with being in that 8th seed area... It's probably the worst situation an NBA team can be. You either want to suck so you can hopefully get a building piece in the draft or be a borderline contender+.

-Shouldn't have traded Harris. Anyone who watched him play on the Bucks could see that. Stupid.
-Need to figure out the Jennings-Ellis situation. It doesn't work and, frankly, neither are all that good. I do think you can build with Jennings with the right coach, tho, if you so desire.
-Figure out which post player(s) are expandable and acquire young talent or a pick. Sanders is probably a keeper. Then you have Ilyasova, Udoh, and Henson. One needs to go. Probably should have been Ilyasova earlier.

Then build around Jennings-(Henson or Udoh or Ilyasova)-Sanders. Finding capable wing players isn't that difficult.

Or that's what I would do.
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