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Default Re: What new will be in NBA2K8?

I want them to vastly improve the commentary.

2K7 was THE best basketball game last year. But NBA Live kicked its ass in the commentary department. I rented Live and Steve Kerr sounded like a real NBA announcer. He didn't repeat himself all game long like Kenny Smith, he didn't throw out random comments that don't make sense, ("Cleveland is going to try to run the clock out here" KENNY, THERE'S 5 min's LEFT IN THE GAME!)

Also, they still have a lot of room to improve the graphics. The detail was good, but a lot of the players were proportioned wrong. Lebron's shoulders are too high. Adam Morrison's hair is too flat against his head. Daniel Gibson looks chunky. A lot of the graphics are still a little too polygon-ish.

Overall it was a good game, but there could still be a ton of improvement.

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