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Default Re: What new will be in NBA2K8?

Originally Posted by Mathius
I don't know what the issue there is. If you look at the ratings, I think the highest rated rookie last year was like a 78 overall. I don't think that's all that inaccurate.

Are you saying the computer is making them score this much? Sounds like an AI issue. I never ran into that myself.

When I play as a rookie, I can score ok, but in comparison I can score a lot better with a good player.

I've found that rookie players, or point guards (mainly point guards in general) decide to hardly ever pass the ball, the only time I've seen it been done is when the team is, say someone like the Pistons, they always move the ball well, or when there is an open team mate. Other than that the guard usually just drives to the basket or takes a J with a guy in his face, which results in guys like Gibson getting 30 - 40 points a game.

I've tried to explain it the best I could. Because it is an unusal thing I don't understand myself.
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