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Default Re: Don't jump off the bridge fellow Knick fans...

The Knicks haven't really played well all series, only in second halves.

Now that the pressure is squarely on the Knicks, we get to see what these guys are truly made of.

While I do feel the odds are still in their favor to win the series, now they will have to do it Boston....again.

I seriously doubt they will have the mental aspect to close a game 7.

But for now, they need to focus on the court and not in media.

After game 3, Melo talks about a sweep, then plays like doo-doo in game 4.

Martin talks about guys wearing black, then plays like garbage himself, can't even back up his words.

JR is JR.

Ironically the best player in the series has been Felton.

Can't win like that.
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