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Default Re: Off season moves

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
Many teams? I disagree. Many teams would rather(or already) have young and cheap SFs than an older guy with no lift, can't shoot 3's consistently and would be potentially be a problem/distraction ESP with a relatively huge contract like has. Guys like Kawhi Leonard, Harrison Barnes, Paul George,
Matt Barnes, Webster, Delfino, Belinelli, etc etc are so much cheaper. Heck Shane Battier is only getting 3.2 Mil, roughly half of what MWP is getting.
Some contending teams might need his toughness but again, the price tag (esp when they have to give up an attractive player that the Lakers need) and risks are just too much.

Bellinelli is tough???? How many of the guys you mentioned are tough enough to guard Lebron are veterans and available. Forget the contract, it's a 1 year expirer which has value above the players ability.
The subject is trade over amnesty, so we would be far better off trading him for a bag of chips on a 2nd rounder than to amnesty him.
My opinion is that if we can't package a trade for someone who will improve the team then just keep Metta and use him wisely which means no 3's....and fire 'Antoni.
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