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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by Andrei89
Game of Thrones > Sopranos ?

You should kill yourself for this statement.

The only one that has a possibility of argument over Sopranos is The Wire. And I am not even sure about that.
First off, sopranos is overrated. I'd take the wire over it too. Second off, the depth of game of thrones is unmatched by sopranos. Game of thrones has wayyyy better characters and the roles they execute are perfect. Tywin, tyrion, recently Jaime, dany, etc. especially this season, the acting has been great and the story is a lot more interesting.

Apples and oranges, sure, but there were a lot of soprano episodes i couldn't keep my interest in. Game of thrones? Sheeeeit, I rewatch the episodes every once in a while. Just wait till this season is over, you will fcking jack off to the upcoming episodes.
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