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Default Re: Don't jump off the bridge fellow Knick fans...

Originally Posted by Clutch
So guys,what if we actually lose the series. How would that make you feel ? What would you want to do next ?
And if we get past Boston do you think we're good enough to beat the Pacers ?
You're really a whiny little girl. How did that sentence make you feel? Did you actually write "if the knicks lose how will you feel?" I'll be freaking joyous throwing shit in the air.

If they lose they need to make changes. Is this rocket science? If they crumble the Knicks need to see what changes they can make, but you can't ship Melo out for role players regardless. Even if you see Melo as a B, he can't be a B if he's not on the team. You can't then go look for another A who would also be alone.

But they won't, they'll win Friday. Stop being such a woman and complaining prior to the bad thing occuring. essentially even if they win you already whined about them losing, and were upset at them losing, BUT THEY HAVEN'T LOST.
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