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Default Re: Official NBA All-Time Peak Draft

Coach: Jerry Sloan

C: Dwight Howard
F: Dennis Rodman
F: Scottie Pippen
G: Vince Carter
G: Magic Johnson


C: Dikembe Mutombo
F: Lamar Odom
G: Manu Ginobili

My starting 5 front court is amazing defensively, with a grand total of 5 DPOY awards and 23 all defensive selections (plus Mutombo). The ball movement of the entire squad is great with Magic, Pippen, Ginobili and Odom are all great playmakers and Rodman and Carter are underrated passers. The Stockton-Malone Jazz teams were always good on both sides of the floor even though they were middling in pace. Having Magic means the team will play faster, and as one of the most athletic teams that is not a problem. I also have 3 guys who can hit the 3 in both volume and efficiency.

Has anyone done the WIF sim yet? I might sign up and do one later
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