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Default Re: Beer bet : Most likely off season scererio

Finally got a trade that doesn't involve amare to the raptors. I know 5 team 20+ player trade isn't going to happen, but help me out- am I wrong that all 5 teams win in this trade?

Raptors trade- derozen, fields, kleiza, Bargnani (32m)
K Marshall, j Dudley, d aurthur, okafor, j vesely (27m)

Wizards trade okafor and vesely 17m
Amare (20m)

Suns trade gortat, dragic, frye, Dudley, Beasley, s brown, Marshall (38m)
Derozen, Felton, Tyson chandler, l fields, q Richardson (36m)

Grizzlies trade aurthur, wroten, a daye (9m)
Shumpert and m Beasley (8)

Knicks trade shumpert, Felton, chandler, amare, qrich, James white 43m
Dragic, gortat, frye, s brown,Bargnani, kleiza, a daye, wroten (50m)

Ill buy you all a beer when this trade happens.
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