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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

I agree about who will get the blame. I disagree that it's fair, I also disagree that Ewing and King didn't get ripped for not winning... especially Ewing. I further disagree that Melo has more talent on his team than Chris Paul. A Paul- less Clippers team would 4-0 a Melo-less Knicks team.

End of the day, while Melo definitely needs to be better, your team has to be constructed well enough for your players to be able to have a bad game or 2. Steph Curry was cold in both Game 5 and 6. The Warriors still found ways to get that series closed out and keep in every single game because they have talent around them. Most of their players make mediocre salaries. All but one player (Jarrett Jack) makes more than Marcus Camby. Shoot this year, Stephen Curry himself makes less than Marcus Camby.

Bottom line is, if we lose this series, Melo will get all the blame but I've been telling you guys we lacked talent the entire season. I also told yall when we come back down to Earth, you guys will conveniently forget and try to blame Melo. Let's just hope that I'm least for this series.
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