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Default Re: 2013 Quarterback Rankings (top 10)

first off I think Bradford did better than Luck last year, and with the exception of Reggie Wayne, Luck not having much in terms of weapons is legit for him...he could use some more help...Reggie Wayne is still one elite WR more than Bradford has though...


this is a solid/average WR core...much more than what Bradford has


this is also a very solid WR core...much more than what Bradford has...shit please give Bradford Sidney fckin Rice

Brdford's WRs going into this year:

- Tavon Austin, a rookie and already the team's #1 WR...he wouldn't be the #1 on the Skins or Seahawks entering this year...only the Rams

- Brian Quick, a sophmore that the Rams drafted in the 2nd round last year...he had 11 catches last year...THIS is their #2 WR

- Chris Givens, another sophmore drafted in the 4th round of last year

so you are comparing a ROOKIE and 2 SOPHMORES to the likes of people like Wayne, Moss, Rice, ISN'T EVEN CLOSE!!!

We didn't even mention RBs like Marshawn Lynch, or TEs like Fred Davis
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