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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
Let me ask you a question, dead serious....

Do you think Carmelo can lead the Knicks team to a championship as the best player?
On a team built despite him and not to compliment him? No

Build around him with players that compliment his game, don't play him out of position- yes

Playing him at pf beats him up way too much- you absolutely have to play him with a gaurd and a big that are big time perimeter shooters. Knicks do neither and ask Carmelo to fit the other players (completely backwards- the others should fit around him)

You have the best post-up/midrange game 3 maybe of all time and you want him playing from the 3 point line? That is stupid- the gm can either decide to build around Carmelo or can just keep throwing together a random assortment of "names" Isaiah Thomas style.

I hope they choose to build around Carmelo- but I doubt it happens because all you guys want is "to get out of the first round".
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