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Default Re: Official NBA All-Time Peak Draft

Originally Posted by hangintheair
You can play mine.

Team name: hangintheair
i to a coin toss home court i win!!

game1: 102-104 hang in the air win
game2: 107-114 hang in the air win
game 3: 115-95 theoo win
game4: 109-96 hang in the air win
game 5: 115-87 dem blowout theoo win
game6: 117-94 FK** FK** FK**!!!

hang in air win these serie

Originally Posted by Shade8780
My WIS team name

gone to coin toss who well have home court ... shade win home fk**

game 1: 112-92 shade win
game 2: 103-96 shade win
lose both game to road
game 3:98-112 shade win fk*** my ass
game 4: 106-115 what fk** that shade to a sweep fk*** that piece shit these draft shit

shade win these serie . these is some wierd serie i think devin stern bribing.

Originally Posted by Odinn
My team name is Odinn-ISH .

i to cointoss home court theoo win!!

game1: 102-93 theoo win
game 2: 111-101 theoo win
game 3: 123-96 odin win
game 4: 106-99 odin win

fk*** no one win to the road who well win game 5????

game 5: 156-143 theoo win oh men i well finally win a serie??
game 6: 112-93 odin win fk** my ass

game 7: 114-95 theo win I WIN A SERIE !!! OH MEN THESE GO TO A GAME 7 !!! but fk** these gay game that shade sweep to my that fk** bullcraps but a nice serie odin

theoo win these serie a very close one

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