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Default Re: Official NBA All-Time Peak Draft

Just my opinion and I'm not gonna include my team on this one because I think I have a better team than all of you clowns.

The most offensive-oriented team goes to Shade's team.
Almost all players on that team are capable of putting 20 ppg easy.
I don't know what offense that team will use but it better include 3 basketball balls.

My top 3 favorites excluding my team.
In my opinion

Number 2
Legends66NBA7's team
Great team I must say.
Great picking-up Mcadoo and Sheed - great shooting range for a Power forward guy - Can space the floor for Kareem.
I know Mcadoo isn't that great of a defender but you have a guy that can defend any position on Shawn Marion.

Number 3
KobesFinger's team
Great pickup on coach Jerry Sloan because you have one of the best at utilizing the P&R in Magic and a P&R big guy on Howard.
Great defensive team and very very athletic team it's like showtime all over again.

Number 1
Odinn's team
You have rim protectors on Ben Wallace and Tim Duncan and have 2 great defensive backcourt too - Walt Frazier and Maurice Cheeks.
The depth of your team is really great and very balanced. And another positive is you have Chuck Daly as your coach - Great coach and a defensive genius.
It's really close between you and Legends.
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