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Default Re: Official NBA All-Time Peak Draft

I finally understood what you guys meant, I was searching in the sitemail>contacts>add users which is how I found Theoo. Anyway, I just played Shade's team (I had HCA as I had the better record, 31-10 to 29-11) and these are the results:

G1: Shade won 110-101, he had very balanced scoring and forced a lot of turnovers

G2: I won 111-102, Vince Carter went HAM for me, 28/7/4 and 3 blocks. Wilt had a 20-20 game while Dwight had an 18-20

G3: I won 118-104, my team destroyed his on the boards (52-36) and Pippen had a near triple double with 17/10/9

G4: Shade ran me out of the building 108-87. D-Wade is the MVP for his team so far, he had a double double with 26/10 while holding Carter to 30% shooting. Wilt grabbed 8 ORB and forced Dwight to foul out

G5: I won 145-136 after OT, everyone on Shade's team except Dr. J scored in double figures, but my teams rebounding is killing him. The rebounding margin was +14 for me, and +7 on the offensive glass. D-Wade had a triple double with 24/10/12 and VC dropped 45/7/6 with 5 steals and 2 blocks

G6: I clinch the series 4-2 after a 126-105 victory. D-Wade had an uncharacteristically quiet game (13 points 8 assists), and his team even outrebounded me 51-50. My ball movement was too much though with 33 assists on 51 made FGs.

A good series, I think Shade's biggest problem though is lack of 3 point shooting. The combo of D-Wade and Wilt is though

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